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When you are involved in an accident, there is always stress that goes along with your experience. Sometimes that stress is simply a matter of dealing with paperwork, hassles, and a bit of physical discomfort. But other times the stress is caused by a traumatic event, like a serious car accident or other incident, that […]

You’ve seen the bumper stickers that scream, “Look twice, save a life!” And you’ve heard disgruntled drivers mutter about motorcyclists that don’t help themselves by swerving dangerously all over the road. It’s often a controversial topic, but the fact is that thousands of injuries and fatalities involving motorcycle accidents occur in California alone, not to […]

We all want our children to be happy and when they find a toy they just don’t want to put down, it’s normal for us as parents to let them have it. We should be able to trust that the manufacturers of the product knew what they were doing when they designed and created the […]

Throughout history, dogs have had the nickname “man’s best friend.” They have been branded with the stereotyped characteristics of loyalty, bravery, courage, and kindness. But not all dogs share those traits, and even those that do can demonstrate them in ways that are a danger to others. Dog bites, even from “friendly” dogs, can cause […]

Social media is an integral part of today’s society. Nearly 3.5 billion people currently admit to using at least one social media platform regularly and more than one million new people join every day. That means nearly 50% of the entire global population is on social media in some form or another. With statistics like […]

Personal injury attorneys know that their field is one that is very controversial. People often have strong opinions one way or another on the benefits of filing lawsuits against someone for negligence. These opinions may be based on personal experience, or they may be a result of long-held misconceptions about the field of personal injury. […]

A car accident causes undue stress to your body and your brain, whether you know it immediately or not. The adrenaline rush can result in emotional decisions instead of logical ones. This “fight or flight” response also explains why it can take hours, or even days, before you feel pain from the accident. The adrenaline […]

When you go to the doctor and are prescribed medication, you have the inherent trust that the prescription you receive is going to help fix you, not make you worse. Since nearly 50% of the United States’ population is on a prescribed medicine and many of these people take more than one, it is essential […]

Just like with every bad thing in life, no one ever thinks a catastrophic event could happen to them – until it does. You hear the clichés all the time – “Enjoy every minute of life because it’s not promised,” “Nothing in life is guaranteed,” and, “Accidents happen.” Clichés may be overused but they are […]

You don’t have to keep up with the daily news to know that the past couple of years have been devastating to much of California because of wildfires. Some of these fires were started from natural causes and others were the tragic product of human carelessness.  Regardless of the origin of these disasters, the outcomes […]