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A car accident causes undue stress to your body and your brain, whether you know it immediately or not. The adrenaline rush can result in emotional decisions instead of logical ones. This “fight or flight” response also explains why it can take hours, or even days, before you feel pain from the accident. The adrenaline […]

When you go to the doctor and are prescribed medication, you have the inherent trust that the prescription you receive is going to help fix you, not make you worse. Since nearly 50% of the United States’ population is on a prescribed medicine and many of these people take more than one, it is essential […]

Just like with every bad thing in life, no one ever thinks a catastrophic event could happen to them – until it does. You hear the clichés all the time – “Enjoy every minute of life because it’s not promised,” “Nothing in life is guaranteed,” and, “Accidents happen.” Clichés may be overused but they are […]

You don’t have to keep up with the daily news to know that the past couple of years have been devastating to much of California because of wildfires. Some of these fires were started from natural causes and others were the tragic product of human carelessness.  Regardless of the origin of these disasters, the outcomes […]

When you file a lawsuit for a personal injury case, you become a sort of partner with your attorney. There are certain things they need you to do for your case to be a success, just as there are things you rely on them to do. It becomes a symbiotic relationship in which their success […]

The winding roads of California seem to have been created perfectly for all-terrain vehicles to navigate them. Who can resist a day spent exploring the majestic scenery of this beautiful state with the air on their faces and the smell of nature all around? But ATVs aren’t all fun and games. In fact, there aren’t […]

For nearly a decade, the world of what used to be science fiction has become one of limitless possibilities. Artificial intelligence has become almost scarily real as software developers have created a way to make everything from the most mundane to extremely difficult tasks simple and autonomous. But with this complex simplicity comes a legalistic […]

Regardless of how strong their self-esteem is, severe burns and scarring from an injury can hurt even the most confident of a person. When you feel like everyone is staring at you, how do you go forward with your life as you once did? What about when those burns cause physical impairments that stop you […]

It’s almost a running joke in society today that citizens of the United States are a litigious bunch, and sometimes it does seem like people are quick to try to file a lawsuit over the smallest of infractions. But sometimes an accident is just an accident and you have to accept the consequences and move […]

The legal marijuana debate has spread worldwide and entered every home with media access and an opinion.  Citizens of California have had a particularly vested interest in the legalization of weed – our state was one of the very first in the country to make recreational weed legal, following just behind Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, […]