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Slip and Fall Attorney

Slip and falls are a unique type of personal injury case. General liability and insurance rules can go out the window. This confusion leaves injured parties feeling “stuck” with their medical bills and other damages. At Hershey Law, we hear the same questions and meet with clients who thought they had no case. They relied […]

Any time you are the victim of a serious accident, there is a ripple effect of consequences. Of course, you have the immediate issues, such as dealing with any significant injury and property damage. And then you have the long-term results. These often include financial worries, chronic and persistent physical conditions, and psychological trauma. Of […]

Growing up, we were all warned about “stranger danger.” Our childhoods resounded with cautions of, “Never take candy from a stranger,” “Don’t go out alone after dark,” and above all, “Never, ever get in the car with someone you don’t know.” Yet here we are in the 21st century, where the rideshare industry is now […]

While you’re coping with the unexpected loss of a loved one, the last thing you want to worry about is watching what you do or say. But in order to get justice for their death, you have to do exactly that. Emotions are understandably high when someone passes because of the negligence of another person. […]

There’s a lot of confusion that happens when someone is injured on the job. Yes, the injury is supposed to be covered by workers’ compensation insurance, but the questions don’t end there. More than 50,000 injuries occur annually in the workplace in California alone. When workers’ comp insurance is involved, there are strict protocols that […]

Resolutions abound this time of year. But as you’re readying yourself for an even better year than before, don’t get caught unprepared with California’s new laws! From driving and biking to fires and force, there are dozens of regulations you should be aware of. If you’re injured because someone else neglected to learn the new […]

For most people, getting to relax and enjoy themselves aboard a cruise ship is the ultimate getaway. You barely have to lift a finger and someone is catering to your every desire, from serving you endless varieties of food to cleaning up your stateroom and leaving behind cute little animals made out of your towels. […]

The majority of serious spinal cord damages stem from a personal injury. Often caused by car accidents, falls, or other traumatic impacts, spinal cord injuries are life-changing and long-term. Victims of spinal cord injuries face expensive medical bills, extensive home and vehicle renovations to make their activities of daily living possible, and significant mental health […]

Losing your job is stressful enough, but when you think you were wrongfully terminated it can bring with it a host of other problems. Leaving on bad terms makes it difficult to find work in the future, you may be fighting retaliation and being “blacklisted” in your field, and meanwhile, your bills are piling up. […]

The hustle and bustle of the busy holiday seasons is upon us and with it comes an increase in car accidents every year. As people rush from place to place to tackle all of the tasks on their to-do lists, they forget to be careful, get a little extra tipsy before driving, and engage in […]