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Have You Been Wrongfully Discriminated Against At Work?

Discrimination in a business environment, as defined by Business Dictionary, is a “Bias or prejudice resulting in denial of opportunity, or unfair treatment regarding selection, promotion, or transfer. Discrimination is practiced commonly on the grounds of age, disability, ethnicity, origin, political belief, race, religion, sex, etc. factors which are irrelevant to a person’s competence or suitability“.

Disability discrimination can be not only a financially devastating occurrence, but also emotionally devastating as well. It is because of this that you must hire a seasoned and professional attorney to handle your case and to get you the outcome you deserve.

Brennan Hershey at Hershey Law is an experienced disability discrimination attorney serving individuals in and around the Los Angeles/SoCal areas. If you feel as if you have been wronged because of your disability, request a free consultation now!

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