Slip and Fall

slip and fall lawyer

Slip and falls are a unique type of personal injury case. General liability and insurance rules can go out the window. This confusion leaves injured parties feeling “stuck” with their medical bills and other damages. At Hershey Law, we hear the same questions and meet with clients who thought they had no case. They relied […]

Slip and Fall Attorney

If you were to make a mental list in your head of the most common ways you could be injured, you probably would include some typical concerns. Fear of car accidents, incidents involving guns, falling from a great height, or even shark and snakebites are found on just about every list. But there is a […]

Personal Injury

You don’t have to have two left feet or be clumsy to end up slipping or tripping on another person’s property. In fact, these types of injuries, known as “slip and falls,” are quite common and happen every day. These accidents are usually the result of disrepair leading to dangerous conditions that result in someone […]