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Growing up, we were all warned about “stranger danger.” Our childhoods resounded with cautions of, “Never take candy from a stranger,” “Don’t go out alone after dark,” and above all, “Never, ever get in the car with someone you don’t know.” Yet here we are in the 21st century, where the rideshare industry is now […]

Resolutions abound this time of year. But as you’re readying yourself for an even better year than before, don’t get caught unprepared with California’s new laws! From driving and biking to fires and force, there are dozens of regulations you should be aware of. If you’re injured because someone else neglected to learn the new […]

You don’t have to keep up with the daily news to know that the past couple of years have been devastating to much of California because of wildfires. Some of these fires were started from natural causes and others were the tragic product of human carelessness.  Regardless of the origin of these disasters, the outcomes […]