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Car Accidents

Technology is amazing. It allows us the freedom to do things that our ancestors may not even have dreamed of doing. We can cross oceans and fly through the sky. We can also visit our friends and families in other states by simply driving our cars, and we can travel just about anywhere we’d like […]

Each big milestone in your child’s life is often cause for celebration and bittersweet nostalgia. Sometimes, though, like when your teen starts to drive, that excitement is mixed with fear for their safety. Once your child starts the stage of driving, their safety becomes part of their control and no longer yours. It’s an exhilarating […]

We all breathe a sigh of relief after we see a major car accident in Los Angeles, or anywhere we are traveling, and check to be sure that our loved ones weren’t involved. But the sad fact is that someone else’s loved ones were, and it makes us want to hold our family a little […]

 If you fall into the statistics of car accidents, you will probably be in at least three minor or major motor vehicle crashes within thirty years of regular driving. While it is not something any of us wish for, it’s definitely better to be prepared and know what to do in case it ever happens […]

Everywhere you look, you see car accidents. T-bone, front-end collisions, rear-end high impacts, fender benders – they are all quite common. In fact, statistics show that there are over 15,000 motor vehicle accidents each day just in the United States.  Less common, however, are the car accidents that involve pedestrians, yet these crashes are just […]

Driving is a privilege that you are able to learn by meeting certain qualifications. To begin with, the criteria necessary to start driving may seem relatively simple – in most states, staying in school if you are under 18 or have not yet graduated is a must, and you have to take and pass specific […]

Rideshare options like Uber and Lyft are becoming increasingly popular for multiple reasons. Some people prefer the convenience of not having to deal with parking in crowded cities like Los Angeles. Others want to save money on fuel as gas prices continue to escalate with no end in sight. Still others understand that by sharing […]

Any time you step into a vehicle or on a road, you are taking a risk that you may get in an accident. Most of us get in our cars with the subconscious assumption that everyone else on the road will be following the laws and paying attention. Unfortunately, that is becoming less and less […]