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Have You Or Someone You Love Been Involved In A Car Accident?

Car accidents can be a devastating to a family. Life-long injuries as a result of the accident can leave people feeling like a shell of their former self. That is why we are here.

At Hershey Injury Law, we treat you with the dignity and respect you require at such a difficult time, and strive to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. We are experienced in handling some of the most complex car accidents in the Southern California area.

Should a car or truck accident occur, there are a few very important steps you should take to prevent you from becoming at fault immediately. The steps are listed below:

You've Been In An Accident... What Should You Do?

Step 1

Stay At The Scene. NEVER leave an accident scene until it is appropriate to do so. Choosing to do so when somebody has sustained serious injuries may result in you facing serious criminal penalties. While at the scene, DO NOT ADMIT FAULT.

Step 2

Check On Everybody Involved. If you are able to move, check on all other passengers, drivers, or passersbys involved in the accident. Check to make sure they are okay, and call for medical attention for all those who are not. If the person you are checking on is experiencing any neck or back pain DO NOT MOVE THEM, unless a hazard requires you to do so.

Step 3

Call The Police. If there is significant property damage, physical injury, or death you NEED to call the police. Ask for the police to arrive at the scene, and note down the responding officers names and badge numbers.

Step 4

Inform Your Insurance Company. Call your insurance company as soon as you can and explain to them the truth about what happened and the extent of your injuries. You MUST tell the truth to your insurance company, if the insurance company discovers you lied to them you could be in serious trouble.

Step 5

Request Legal Representation. If anybody was injured in the accident it is best to consult an experienced attorney. They can help you maximize any recoveries as a result of the accident. You can request a free consultation here at Hershey Law by clicking the ‘Free Consultation’ button below!

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